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ACT.Outlook.Sync.exe missing..

Nickel Contributor
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ACT.Outlook.Sync.exe missing..

Hello all,


I finally got my hands on a Samsung Tablet and purchased an app that synch's ACT! via Outlook to Droid.  The app was only $25.00!


Nevertheless,  everything works fine when creating an ACT! appointment and it sync's to Outlook which in turn synch's to my tablet.  However, when I create an appointment in the tablet, it sych's to Outlook, but Outlook does not sync it to ACT!


I noticed that ACT.Outlook.sync.exe is missing.  The question is two fold:


1)How can I get it back?

2) Why does it still sync when ACT! creates the appointment but not the other way around?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: ACT.Outlook.Sync.exe missing..

Since its a third party addon synchronizing ACT! via Outlook to Droid, Act.Outlook.Sync.exe not running isn't the cause of your issue.


You can launch it by going to your ACT! install folder.  Its isn't running by default unless you setup ACT! Outlook Sync.