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ACT.OUTLOOK.Service Errors & HUGE memory usage

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Re: ACT.OUTLOOK.Service Errors & HUGE memory usage

I have a similar issue but not with theAct.Outlook.Service, but with Outlook itself chewing all the memory and hanging. We are running Act 2010 SP1 HF2 on multiple terminals in various conditions. Some terminals are on XP, Vista, 7(32), 7(64) and most are running Office 2007.


We know it is an issue with the Act link as everytime we take the link for Act & Outlook out it doesnt hang anymore.


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Re: ACT.OUTLOOK.Service Errors & HUGE memory usage

I am having this exact problem. For me what is causing this is internal emails. The program cannot find the record for the person the email was sent to ( they are not clients so there would not be a record of them). I have three people bringing my entire server to a stand still.  I am having to clear out the Que history folder every 3 hours. Sage needs to fix this problem. 

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Re: ACT.OUTLOOK.Service Errors & HUGE memory usage

I had to use ACT for years and this and one more issue in this product started annoying me (again) enormously.


Why doesn't it implement an EXCLUDE list (a simple "never attach" list of e-mail addresses )?


I have to go to Not and clear it again and again of the message I send routinely to a small number of co-workers and partners (which obviously do not need to be captured in CRM).