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ACT.OUTLOOK.SYNC has stopped working

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ACT.OUTLOOK.SYNC has stopped working

I go to click on Email and Outlook sync and I get "ACT.OUTLOOK.SYNC has stopped working" windows error.


Then I see

"{C72F554F-578C-11D5-BF99-006008C0F63B} Failed to do following error: 80040154"


I tried to manually register the DLL in ADMIN mode and it fails as well.


I tried to manually register (in ADMIN MODE) via C:\Windows\SYSWOW64\regsvr32 adchronopher.dll and I get

"Failed error code - 0x80020009"  (I have UAC turned off and yes I am in admin mode with the cmd prompt)


I also try to register from the

c:\Program Files (x86)\ACT\Act for Windows>regsvr32 adchronopher.dll


And same error.


What would prevent this from registering?


Windows Vista 64 (all latest) - Office 2007 (all latest) ACT Premium 2011 (just downloaded and installed today - so all latest)




I tried uninstall -reinstall - didnt help.


I tried uninstall and ran the setup in ADMIN mode - same.



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Re: ACT.OUTLOOK.SYNC has stopped working

Yes I am having the same problem after Outlook screwed up on me.

I now get the error

"Act.Outlook.Sync has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will

close the program and notify you if a solution is availlable."


Obviously I never hear back

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Re: ACT.OUTLOOK.SYNC has stopped working

I am having the same problem. Am getting the same error.

 I use Win 7; ACT Pro 2011 and Outlook 2007.

Can anyone help here?  What was the Fix for the two previous posts?

Thanks for the help!

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Re: ACT.OUTLOOK.SYNC has stopped working

Wow! 1.5 years an NO RESPOSE FROM SAGE? I'm seeing the same problem with a lot of people out there. Doesn't Sage care about their clients? I'm in a "try before I buy phase" and can't try 2012 for some reason. I'm about to give up on the whole * thing! Thanks guys!
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Re: ACT.OUTLOOK.SYNC has stopped working

Issues with the Sage ACT! and Microsoft Outlook synchronization process can come from numerous areas, here are some steps to help troubleshoot/resolve issues:


- If running Windows Vista/Windows 7, run Sage ACT! using 'Run as administrator' option.  To do this: close Sage ACT! > right click on Sage ACT! icon > select 'Run as administrator' > test sync.  Also test after disabling UAC: KB Article 25665  then test sync.


- If you are receiving a COM Class error, perform the steps in the following articles:

KB Article 23311

KB Article 25717


Additional steps:

- Check Windows Event Viewer for additional erorr messages

- Test with different Sage ACT! database

- Test with new Outlook profile

- Run repairs on Microsoft Office

- Test with new Windows user profile




Note (from Community Guidelines): This Community is not intended to be a Sage ACT! technical support site, but rather a user-driven site that is moderated by Sage.


When posting an issue, it is helpful to post as much information about the issue as possible, such as:

- Windows operating system

- Version of Sage ACT!

- Error message

- Steps to duplicate issue

- Shared database or not

- Are other users experiencing the issue

- Troubleshooting steps already taken

Greg Martin