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ACT Newbie- probably some really dumb questions...

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ACT Newbie- probably some really dumb questions...

I have just installed ACT 2011- I bought it last year and don't have a database to import yet.

I work with small independent retail stores and am used to a CRM that builds everything by Company rather than Contact.

I am trying to figure out the best way to start entering my accounts into the system? Company or Contact?

ACT seems to suggest using contacts more so than companies, or do I have this all wrong?

Really not sure where to start?

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Re: ACT Newbie- probably some really dumb questions...

You can do either.


A determinant factor as to how you approach this is simple:  Do you typically only deal with just one person at each store?  Or do you typically have 2 or 3 or 4 people at each one that you work with on a regular basis?


In the first case, if it were me, I would probably just use contact records only as the company record becomes kind of "extra" - more work and no real benefit.


In the case of multiple contacts, then Company record can be helpful.


No concrete right or wrong...


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Re: ACT Newbie- probably some really dumb questions...

Hi Bopster


First of all, you are right in your assumption that ACT is primarily a contact centric database


This simply means, a lot of the core functionality like scheduling activities, mail merge, grouping records together using dynamic rules etc are all based upon the contact data, not company details


That said, like the previous reply suggested, there are additional benefits of using the company feature, especially if you have multiple contacts at each company


In particular, the ability to review everything related to all contacts at that one company from one central location


Plus, you can link fields from the company record to the contact table so that when you make a change at the company level, it ripples through the entire list of linked contacts


Another benefit is that you can have different custom fields relating to the company than you do for individual contacts


All the very best

Keith Wilson (20 Year ACTaholic)

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