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ACT Missing Information

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ACT Missing Information

Has anyone had a problem with email address disappearing or contacts vanishing without being deleted by any user? 
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Re: ACT Missing Information

Yes, it is driving me crazy.  Have you found any solutions?  I suspect it has something to do with syncronizing with Outlook but not sure.  I have my settings set to keep ACT data always.

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Re: ACT Missing Information

I can't answer as to what is removing the email information (not a known issue), but here are some steps to help resolve/track the issue:

- Run Database Maintenance:  this is done through the Tools > Database Maintenance > Check and Repair option

- Make frequent backups and keep multiple versions of the backups (File > Backup > Database) - so that information can be retrieved (restore using File > Restore > Database > Restore As option).

- Change the Email field to record history when it is changed so that you can determine when it is updated.  This is done through the Tools > Define Fields option.  Double click on the e-mail field and enable the setting for 'Generate History'.


Note: If the 'Generate History' option is able to capture the removal of the data, it will record a history item that shows the previous value (the email address).


A precautionary step:

- Copy the contents of the E-Mail field to a different field as a backup.  To do this: 

- Assuming you are not currently using the 'User 10' field (if you are, you can create a new field for this) - peform Lookup > All Contacts.

- On the Contact List view > select Edit > Copy Field

- Select to Copy From the E-mail field to the User 10 field.  It will copy the data for all contacts in the List view. 

Then, when you find a contact without an email address, you can check the User Fields tab and look at User 10 for the data.

Greg Martin
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Re: ACT Missing Information

Yes, it is happenign so often at our company we are now exploring other databases and hope to switch out of Act. Emails disappear, entire contacts disappear and only 3 of us use the system and we all know how many steps it takes to actaully delete a contact and it can't be done accidentally. What is the deal?