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ACT! Merge/Restore Process?

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ACT! Merge/Restore Process?


A long story short - We have an ACT! database but have recently found that approx 600 contacts have gone missing. We have two recent backups however the problem seems to have come around before these backups were taken. We have a copy of the database at file level (not an ACT! backup) from April.


Is it possible to restore Aprils copy of the database and then merge the current backup to have an up-to-date version, along with aprils version of the 600 missing contacts?


I hope this makes sense and look forward to any suggestions!


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Tom O'Brien.

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Re: ACT! Merge/Restore Process?

It may be... it really depends on how the file copy was taken.


Try copying the old files to a folder on the workstation - the ADF, ALF and filename-database files folder (leave out the PAD file)


Then, in ACT!: File | Open - change file type to ADF

Open the ADF file in the folder you copied it to - it will test the database and create a new PAD if successful


If that fails, you'll need to sumit the database to Sage or an ACC to see if it can be repaired.


If it worked, back it up from ACT!, move the ZIP to the server and Restore (Restore_As to a different name)


Then open the current database and back it up in case there are problems


Finally use File | Import to bring in the old data, telling it to skip matching records