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ACT Link for Pocket PC vs Activesync

Nickel Contributor
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ACT Link for Pocket PC vs Activesync

what is the differencebetween using the two? Right now I sync ACT and Outlook using Doublelook and also keep Outlook and my pocket pc phone sync'd using activesync.  This works for the most part and I dont really have any complaints.


On my wishlist is to have a pocket version of ACT on the phone or at least a better way of clearing and creating tasks and activities and recrding histories and such.  Does the ACT link software have more back and forth functionality than activesync?


I see Handheld Contact is available for an annual subscription and if i were in a group office environment and really need up to the minute access to the entire database, id go that direction. 


I dont always carry my laptop with me and it would be nice to have something i could to more of the basic ACT tasks in during the day and plug ain and sync up once i got back home to the office.  I think there used to be one? Im pretty sure that was bak in the ACT 6 days though...


So, ayone using ACT link?  How well does it work?  I'd try it but i dont have a whole lot of free time to resurrect my phone if somethig were to go wrong.  Maybe one day soon.




Matt Pulsts
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Re: ACT Link for Pocket PC vs Activesync

Only Handheld Contact would give you the added information that you require - because both the ACT! Link and DoubleLook go to the standard PIM within the device, activities and histories are not directly linked to a contact in the system.