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ACT! Link for Peachtree issues

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ACT! Link for Peachtree issues

1 - The ACT! Link for Peachtree installation instructions don't contain any graphics ... after installing the software (numerous times) the instructions say to use the Peachtree pull-down menu to begin the setup process. However, a person has to idea where to look for that menu. After over a year of attempting to get ACT Link running I finally tried it with a totally new database vs. our live data base which has been through numerous upgrades. Voila ... there was the Peachtree pull-down!


Then, knowing where to look for the menu, I went back to our live databse ... there was no Peachtree label in that location. When I moved the mouse pointer over that area though a tiny little button-wanna-be showd up under the pointer ... no printing or anything, just something that looked like it could be clicked on. Sure enough! I was then able to set up ACT!Link.


Now for the disappointing news.


2 - ACT! Link cannot link a company to a Peachtree record ... only contacts. If you have many contacts associated with a Peachtree Customer record you can attempt to link them all to that record by looking up all the contacts. Opening the primary contact and then link the lookup to the Peachtree record ... half the time there is an obtuse message saying that back office links exist for some contacts and they cannot be linked to the peachtree customer record.


What is meant by back-office links exist?  How can I delete those unknown links so that I can link to Peachtree?





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Re: ACT! Link for Peachtree issues



You're best contacting Peachtree support as they are the ones who support the link.


They also have an online community available -