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ACT Fields - 6.0 version

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ACT Fields - 6.0 version



The name tag on layout states E-mail and the filed inside the layout also states as "Email Address". But when I set this field as required field it shows as "1st End" and field type as 'date'. Any idea why this is? Is field 1st End is tagged to as Email address? Need help.


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Re: ACT Fields - 6.0 version



If you click in the field and then go to Edit, Define Fields this will bring up the field list and you will then know if this is actually the email address field which I doubt that it is. I would say that the layout has been moved around and the email label placed against this field. The other way to tell if it is truly the email field is does it have a hyperlink?

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Re: ACT Fields - 6.0 version

In ACT! 6.0, the Email field was a system field connected to another table ... and, as such, I don't think you can make it required
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Re: ACT Fields - 6.0 version

The E-mail "field" that you see in the layout is not a field in the main database table but rather a portal to the separate E-mail table. That is why E-mail is not available as a data type and why you can't sort by e-mail address or use E-mail in the duplicate checking. The E-mail table can hold more than one E-mail address for a user but only the default address can be used for addressing an e-mail message


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