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ACT E-mail empty.

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ACT E-mail empty.

All, I need some help.


I created my internet mail accounts in the E-mail setup wizard.  The accounts were there and all e-mails viewable.  I had a crash, blue screen of death, and now when I am back up, when I open e-mail, the e-mail windows starts it says mailbox on the top left, but there are no folders for inbox, sent items, etc.  All the menus are greyed out except for the preference in tools.


I have gon through the e-mail set up wizard over and over and all the accounts are set up and test connections part works fine.  


I have re-indexed and repaired the database.  


I am not sure how to resolve.  I even uninstalled and re-installed ACT and this did not solve the issue, I did not uninstall and re-install SQL since I would not like to loose all the existing e-mails in the system.


I have also removed internet mail in the e-mail set up wizard, saved and closed ACT, re-opened, re-enabled internet mail, my two accounts came back in the list automatically and it still will not open any folder listing for inbox, sent items, etc for either e-mail account.  


I even removed and deleted one e-mail account and re-created it in the wizard to no avail.  Help.



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Re: ACT E-mail empty.

Contact ACT! Technical Support for email retrieval - 866-903-000