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ACT! E-mail Merge from Template with graphics

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ACT! E-mail Merge from Template with graphics

I have suceessfully created an ACT! template that is nothing but graphics.  I am trying to do an e-mail merge using this template.  I am only sending within my company now (testing), but the users with Outlook 2007 get the lovely box with a X.  My email is set up to compose in HTML.  The other users (with Outlook 2003) get the email fine, after they add me as a safe sender (so the first goes to "junk mail").  

Can anyone help???  Is this a known problem?   

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Re: ACT! E-mail Merge from Template with graphics

Outlook 2007 is set to not download pictures automatically in html. This can be changed on an individual basis in the trust center under "automatic download" but is not recommended.


When I open html emails I get he boxes and red X. There is usually a messege bar accross the top of the email thats says something along the lines of "click here to download pictures" which i do on trusted emails.  have your Outlook 2007 users tried this? Id be happy to recieve one or two test emails from you to see what happens on my end and maybe come up with a solution.


Matt Pulsts
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