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ACT E-Mail Client Attach To Contact

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ACT E-Mail Client Attach To Contact

Version 2010


I noticed that when I select "Attach to Contact" that the original eMail remains in the intray.  Is there a way to have it deleted once it is saved to a profile:?


What about if I drag and drop an eMail to a box in the tree sructure?  It is now in two places -- the inbox and the box that it was dragged to.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance for any response offered.

John Purdy
ACT! Premium V. 18
HP ENVY 17m, 16GB, & Office 365, 32bit, 1TB HDD.
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Re: ACT E-Mail Client Attach To Contact

I am guessing what you are saying is that after an email is attached to an act contact, the email remains in the outlook inbox.  This is to be expected.  Act! is not wanting to change what you have going on in Outlook, it is just facilitating a way to easily store your emails in the Act! system.


When you are dragging an email in the email client to another folder, make sure that you are not holding down Ctrl or Alt, as these will make it copy the email instead of just moving...