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ACT! Data recovery?

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ACT! Data recovery?

The OS died on the laptop that was running ACT!


I was able to slave the hard disk and recover all of the data.


I reinstalled ACT! (version 9) after reinstalling the OS. How do I import the old data into the new software install? It doesn't recognize anything.

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Re: ACT! Data recovery?

You are in an area that you'd really want to get someone trained to look at the problem for you. Contact a local ACC from
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Re: ACT! Data recovery?

Hello NSLV,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


Depending on the condition of the environment after the rebuild you may want to contact an ACC, but you can attempt to open your existing database in the new installation of ACT! using the following steps:


- Copy the database files from the old hard drive: files needed are the ADF, ALF, and 'databasename-database files' folder.

- Do not copy the PAD file over.  If you have copied the PAD file, delete it.  It is only a pointer file and does not contain contact data.

- Place the database files into a folder on the new hard drive.  I suggest creating a folder on the C drive with a name such as 'C:\ACT Database'.

- Launch the ACT! program > on the initial screen: select the Open Database option.

- On the Open screen > change the 'Files of Type' to ADF and locate the ADF file for your database.

- Select the ADF > click Open and ACT! will begin the process to open (verify/update if necessary).  Note: At this point a new PAD file will be created.




Greg Martin