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ACT Conversion

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ACT Conversion



I'm currently converting one of my databases from ACT 6.0 to ACT 10.0.  Everything seems to go fine during the conversion process until it hits activities.  It's at that point that the conversion stops and I receive the error "Start Index cannot be less than zero, parameter name -- start index."  I've tried repairing the database a few times with actdiag, but it doesn't seem to of had any effect.  Any help with this matter is greatly appreciated.

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Re: ACT Conversion

If you have a modified version 6 database it may be as simple as one of the modifications needs to be renormalised to the version 6 standard and then converted. You should consider making contact with your local ACT consultant who has probably experienced this previously and could assist with your conversion. Ofcourse there is a cost involved but your time is worth money isn't it?
Paul Buchtmann Australia
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Re: ACT Conversion

This error can indicate corruption to activities in your ACT 6.0 database.  Please refer to the following Knowledgebase article for an explanation and possible solution:


Greig Hollister

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