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ACT! Connection to analog extension

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ACT! Connection to analog extension

My ACT! software is connected to an analog extension via an internal modem. When I click on the call button the customer number is dialed and I pick up the analog phone plugged into the modem to talk with the customer that is called. That works great. My question is about the call handling process. I would like to be able to do a flash on the analog extension so the call can be transferred if necessary. This can't be done from the phone because the modem is "off hook" also and the phone system doesn't see the voltage drop when I hit the flash button on the phone. Is there a way to do a flash from the windows dialer so the call can be controlled from the modem?

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Re: ACT! Connection to analog extension

The ACT! Dialler is very limited and only does basic functions.

You might look at an add-on like itDial:

I haven't tried Flash in itDial, but it does support a lot more