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ACT! Add-on for sales route planning GPS

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ACT! Add-on for sales route planning GPS

I remember an ACT addon was available at one time which allowed a user to select a group of contacts, then map out the most effecient map route to take when traveling to their location. This would be used by route delivery people, salesmen, or anyone who needs help in planning a more effecient route.


I spent a few hours yesterday entering and downloading act contact information from Google Maps to my Garmin GPS. First I used Address Grabber to mine contact information off of web pages, then I clicked the map feature in ACT!, which took me to Google Maps for that contact. From there I downloaded the Google Map into my Garmin.


Maybe this is why I can't find the addon. What I did may be a better method.

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Re: ACT! Add-on for sales route planning GPS

[ Edited ]

We have developed an add-on named Impact Task List Module that pushes the contact address of activities to goggle maps. You create an activity for each contact then select multiple activities, right-click and select Drive-It from the popup menu.


Help Topic:


At the top of the map window you can adjust stops order by clicking on the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons.


We do not calculate "Best route" because that code would place the add-on price out of most users reach. The logic for 'best routing' is rather complex and requires huge amounts of data from a geocode provider.


Our addon allows users to re-arrange the stops manually to create your own 'best route"


For more info on the Impact Task Modules:



-- Jim Durkin