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ACT! Add-in for Word gone bad?

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ACT! Add-in for Word gone bad?


Word 2010 stopped recording documents in the History of my ACT! Premium 2012 12.0.572.0 recently.  It was working about a month ago...


When I go to Write Letter from ACT, it generates the template/mailmerge just fine, but no longer offers to print an envelope nor record the letter back in the ACT history like it used to  Smiley Sad


I went to the Word Add-Ins tab, and clicked the drop down for ACT!. 

There's an icon next to Attach to ACT! (yeah), but when I click on Record History, nothing happens - it just closes the drop down box.  Go back in, everything remains unchanged.


I went to Word Options/Add-Ins and it *says* that the mscoree.dll  COM Add-in is 'there', BUT! :

When I press [Go] to Manage, the checkboxes for "ACT Dcoumetns Tab" and for "Acct Office Addin" are UN-checked.  But even if I check them and click OK, then go back in, they are unchecked.


The Word Options/Add-in manager says it's relying on something called   "mscorree.dll", but I cant' find that anywhere on my system, if that's relevant.






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Re: ACT! Add-in for Word gone bad?

First, I assume the version is 14.0, not 12.0 - correct?


If so, apply SP1 + HF1 as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -

Note - if sharing the database, all users (and server) must update to same version


If still fails, try this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


If still an issue try the Office repairs as per: