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ACT 8.0 doesn't work like promised?

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ACT 8.0 doesn't work like promised?

Some pretty basic features of ACT just plain don't work properly and it frankly it seem like it's got bugs.


1. The feature to import data into a fields drop down field just doesn't work at all. Another user tells me it's the same with his ACT installation


2. The merge letter function doesn't work as it should. The .adt files do not work as true MS word documents and when attempting to merge more than one record at a time, like a lookup, this altered word processor version doesn't retain graphics, or headers and footers properly making it useless.


3.  In the Task List window, there are check boxes that are supposed to allow you to tick off, but they do not register any input. Attempting to click on them just highlights the whole row. 


ACT by SAGE seems to me at the present time to be full of flaws and errors unlike any other software program released by a responsible software company. I'm very disappointed.  I convinced our company to invest in ACT, both in licensing fees as well as time and energy invested in customizing it.  


I think someone at SAGE should make good on this with some kind of solution, and I was told by a customer service rep to post here.


We'll see if SAGE takes responsiblity and proves itself to be a company one can trust or not, if they contact me. If not, I'll post my experiences here and elsewhere as a warning. Of course, I'm very much hoping they do the right thing. 

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Re: ACT 8.0 doesn't work like promised?

Howdy ACTDiscovery,


Your post has indeed caught our eye, as all posts do on this community.


While the expectation is that other members will provide feedback to your inquiries, the many teams here at ACT! also read the posts and internalize the feedback. Already some fantastic things are occurring here at ACT! that will take some time to surface in the product and our customer facing teams. We'll be checking into the 3 points you have made while community members concurrently provide responses.


Here is what I expect you will find:

1. That the members of the community are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.  

2. That there is almost always some trick to the issue you are facing (and we have a concerted effort within Sage, from version to version, to ensure that these things are made easier and easier for you our customer)

3. That many of the items people post about have already been addressed a KB article, a hot fix or in the latest version. (I see that you are using ACT! version 8.0 and the current version is 10.0.2)


That being said, nothing is ever perfect. So let's keep the dialogue rolling and the posts coming in. We'll do our part internally by listening, responding, and improving all aspects of the customer experience. The community will chip in and if ever you want to reach out directly, send me a PM (Personal Message) and we can pick things up from there.




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Re: ACT 8.0 doesn't work like promised?

I too have found and reported several issues that seemed more buggy than one could ever expect from a well functioning program. 
Item 1 on your list is especially frustrating.  I've been trying to import data from one database into another for some time now. 
It seems odd to me that Sage would have me MANUALLY redefining custom fields and drop-down lists in the target database.  When I
report the lack of ability to automatically import data in custom fields (not already established in target database), I get a 'cut and
paste' type response from Sage... " refer to KBs 13910 & 17539".  These articles do not address the issue! 
Obviously, they did not fully ready my plea for help.



No, I do not have a current support plan as it ran out in the measly 30 days (during which time I was just learning ACT!).  Strange how
even when purchasing two or three licenses, one only gets 30 days of support and it starts immediately. Why not make the support back to ack instead of concurrent?  These terms make for a raw deal in my opinion and leave me feeling abandoned by Sage.


No, I do not wish to purchase a 3rd party program to do something so fundamental to every day database usage.  That seems rather low udget on Sage's part - relying on 3rd party developers to provide standard functionality.  Again, left feeling abandoned by Sage.


Yes, ACT! has its positive notes, but they don't sound nearly as good when you are left hanging with bugs, lack of functionality and an
unwillingness or inability by Sage to resolve either.

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Re: ACT 8.0 doesn't work like promised?



Please create a separate thread with yours issues.  The community has many active certified consultants and expert ACT! users with will be more than willing to help you. 


There are addon products for almost every piece of software out there.  There isn't a program out there that will 100% satisfy the needs of the end users (especially CRMs).   Please remember, ACT! isn't a customized application that is built specifically for each end user.


If you've found a bug in the software, please post with step-by-step details on how to reproduce the issue and I will gladly submit it for you.