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ACT! 6 Conversion to ACT! Pro 2011

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ACT! 6 Conversion to ACT! Pro 2011

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I am doing this conversion for an insurance agent client. 8000 records. Database first created in 2002.

The old database has been reindexed, scanned, repaired, etc


The new database is built, the Contacts are converted, then....


Conversion fails in the Notes/History conversion phase with

Conversion has been halted with the following message:
The display name exceeds the allowed length.

Parameter name: HH55UP F2J302460....[Edit: removed private customer data]

The text above is a note in the Regarding & Details area of an Email Attachment.

Users are inclined to add extensive notes to the Attachment "Regarding and Details".

ACT!2011 seems to take all the text in the "Regarding and Details" and place it in the "Regarding" field of History - and of course it is too big. But it should not cause the conversion to halt.


When I do this conversion on my PC (exactly same ACT!6 database) where I do not have access to the attachments, and I get the message "Unable to convert....the file is missing" for each attachment - the conversion does not halt. The Regarding field is truncated but conversion does not halt.


There are 18,000 attached files, I'm attaching them as links. I have run Red Flags to identify missing files (200 found).

Many of these attachments are emails, others are Word files. There are a lot of long notes in the Regarding area.


Does any earlier ACT! version behave differently?

Any ideas how I get over this hurdle?

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Re: ACT! 6 Conversion to ACT! Pro 2011

Looks like a "hole" in the red flags routine...


Wonder if they would have any interesting in releasing a version 4...

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Re: ACT! 6 Conversion to ACT! Pro 2011

I just had a similar issue,


Redflags wasn't showing any attachments at all but they had 56,000 shortcuts


Was getting same error on conversion.


I contacted Redflags and they updated their program to handle the issue, still have convert bringing attachments over but you can delete those or remove the mapping so that wont bring the files over but will show as missing file, with the shortcut to the file intact.



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