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ACT 2013 - import numbers

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ACT 2013 - import numbers

I am trying to import data from a very simple excel spread sheet (8 names only). It works fine except that it will not import 2 columns of numbers. It imports numbers from 2 other columns and the only difference seems to be that the numbers that are not importing are larger (5 digits). The other numbers that do import are only 2 digits. The format of both the excel spreadsheet and the ACT field is number. any ideas? thanks
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Re: ACT 2013 - import numbers

I tested this and had no issues importing large numbers into ACT! number fields. Some questions:
- What are the numbers and how do they display in Excel?
- Are the number fields you are trying to import into already populated?
- In the field properties for these number fields (Tools > Define Fields), do you have a Default Value selected?

Greig Hollister

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