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ACT 2013 Attachment of Documents -- Suggestions... this functionality needs improvement quick!

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ACT 2013 Attachment of Documents -- Suggestions... this functionality needs improvement quick!

I am starting to use ACT more and wanted to store important documents within the contact record...but it seems like ACT is limited in this function. 


1. When attaching document using 'File' method, it does copy the document to the attachments folder within ACT. However this is where it copies ALL documents. There is 'no' organization, so it is one big file cabinet. Yes... within ACT it knows what is what, but this really is not a good method of organization. 

     A) First, i really believe that within the ACT Documents folder structure, at the minimum it should have a subfolder created for each 'client'. So at least at the minimum you can within windows go to the documents folder and then to the client and atleast have it organized at some level.

     B) Second, as noted within act i think you should be able to create/see that folder structure, and create subfolders from within ACT to keep your documents more organized. 

     C) Third, Maybe have a preferences setup for auto folder creation for folders that you want every client to have. so when you create a new contact it auto creates this folder structure to keep things consistant.

     D) Even now, i am not sure why there is no 'Description' field for the file you are attaching.  Some people may not have descriptive filenames, so just simply attaching the document doesn't do much good without having some description field.



I guess i could create subfolders within ACT_Databases/Attachments, and use the 'shortcut' and manually create my organization structure, but that seems a little too time consuming... i would love it if ACT or a third party could integrate this more enterprise document storage structure.


With all this said, is there a third party application that handles this a little better? 

Anyone else have thoughts on this?