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ACT 2012 and softphone support?

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ACT 2012 and softphone support?



My company uses a unified communications client from Mitel Networks, who makes our phone system.


Within Outlook I can set the Outlook dialer to use the softphone client.  In other words, OL reocnizes the UC client as a dialer. 


Does ACT 2012 have this same option?  It would encourage me to upgrade to 2012. 


If not is there a 3rd party add on that will let it reognize the softphone dialer?  I cannot use a Vonage or Skype dialer as I am not using them as a carrier. 



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Re: ACT 2012 and softphone support?

Hi mikefm101.


Since ACT uses the Windows dialer, the easy question to ask if if you have tried it?  Setting it up in ACT fills in the options such as entering a number to access an outside line, calling card # if anyone is still using them, and area code rules.


Beyond that, I would wait on one of the more technical members of this community to chime in. 


Good luck.

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Re: ACT 2012 and softphone support?

ACT! will talk to most TAPI drivers installe don your PC, this can be configured under Tools / Preferences / Communication / Dailer Preferences. If this doesn't work then you would need to speak to the MITEL TAPI provider.
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