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ACT 2012 Pro hangs when adding new note to contact

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ACT 2012 Pro hangs when adding new note to contact



I have a user that has a remote copy of our Act database running with ACT! 2012 Pro.  The computer in question has Windows 7 professional 32-bit and runs Office 2010 Home and Business.  Over the New Year holiday this user had problems accessing their email from home, which eventually was resolved by deleting their Outlook profile and creating a new one.  However, Oultook was still corrupted and the ACT add-ins were lost, despite repairing Outlook.  Searching for a solution to that problem led me to a recommendation to uninstall and reinstall ACT, which has been done.  When ACT opened again, it immediately displayed the login screen for the user's remote database (which I figured I'd have to recreate).  When logged in, everything seemed fine.  However, this morning it was discovered that when this user tried to add a new note to an existing contact in ACT, the program just hangs.  Is there anything I can do to fix this, short of deleting and re-creating their sync set, and their remote database?


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Re: ACT 2012 Pro hangs when adding new note to contact

Does it hang when trying to do anything else such as create an Activity, History, or even create a Contact, or is it just the Notes?


The first thing I would do is test in the demo and see if you get the same results in the demo. If the demo displays the same behavior you are describing, this could be an issue with the antivirus or firewall on the machine blocking Act! from functioning properly. You can try to resolve this by making sure that the appropriate exceptions are added to your antivirus or firewall using the information here: 


If the demo functions without delay, that tells us there's something going on in the remote database. Run maintenance on the remote database using the information here:


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