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ACT 2012 Integration With Google Problems

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ACT 2012 Integration With Google Problems

Everything will work well for about 2-3 weeks and then ACT will delete all of the appointments from Google. This puts me in a bad spot when I am away from the office and I have no clue where my next appointment is without my schedule on my phone. The only solution to the problem, that I can find, is to find and delete the metadata files on the computer and then re-sync. From what I understand this tells act and Google that they have never synced before and then everything is restored. I would like to know if anyone has found a more permanent solution to my problem. I tried to talk to Sage, but they want to charge me to help fix a problem with their software, talk about a scam! Any suggestions are appreciated.




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Re: ACT 2012 Integration With Google Problems

Yes, seen it often ... I think it happens because Google sometimes merges or connects items and ACT! doesn't know what happened. It's much more common if sync'ing Google to a phone (which isn't supported because of this)

You're actually lucky ... I've seen quite a few times where it's also removed the activities from ACT! and randomly deleted contacts when Google has merged them.

If you really want reliable sync to a phone, I'd always recommend using Handheld Contact