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ACT 2011Pro database creation and sharing

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ACT 2011Pro database creation and sharing

Good morning, i have a quick question regarding database creation. Is it possible to create/share/save a new database from a workstation  to a network folder such as a shared folder on a server so it can get backed up? The information that i have found in SAGE's KB stated that it must be created on the host machine (I.E. Server). This is going to be an issue if this is the only way. having someone stop what they are doing to let in and watch over someone in out server closet will be a pain.



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Re: ACT 2011Pro database creation and sharing

Hello Ccoffice,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


It is correct, that a database can only be created locally.  You cannot create a database on a server from the workstation. 


If you'd like to create it on the workstation - you can, and then later use the File > Backup (on workstation) and File > Restore (on server) options to put the database onto the server.


If your immediate concern is that the database is backed up, you can set the ACT! Scheduler to create a backup in the Shared folder (for inclusion in a backup routine).  If you go this route, be sure to check the Scheduler log regularly for errors.  If the Shared folder is not available at the time of the backup, it will fail.


Lastly, creating a database on the server (as New or with a backup) will only take about 10 minutes and can be done by anyone - it won't require an IT person.  If you are not familiar with the process, here is an article with the steps to create a database: KB Article 16470


For more information about the backup/restore process, visit this article: KB Article 19211

Greg Martin