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ACT! 2011 slow

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ACT! 2011 slow

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We upgraded from Act!2000 to Act!Pro 2011 and WOW is it slow.  My sales team hates it.  They're begging me to go back to the old one but that server has been wiped and it was server 2003 and I'm running Server2008 now which won't run the old version of Act as it's 64bit.  It won't install.


We have been Act! users for many years but I honestly don't know if we can keep using it.  I just purchased all those licenses but I never imagined it would be this slow.  It's nearly useless in it's current state.


BTW, I'm running 4GB RAM, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise in 64bit.  Quald 3.2GHz CPU, 1 Core, 2 processor. SATA, 300mb, 7200rpm HDD.  


My CPU load is usually around 30% spikes to 60% load.  Once in a while I see 100% but not very often and not for long.   The Physical memory is 70% used (this server has a 4GB Max).


And Act! CRAWLS.  Did a test a bit ago to answer an alarm.  It took 1 min. to ok the box, enter a LVM note and ok that box.  On the old Act! that took seconds.  


There were 300 activities but after reading another thread we dropped that to 50 and it's still dogging away.  It looks hopeless.

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Re: ACT! 2011 slow

Since you bought the upgrade within 90 days you should call support for free to get help.

Going from ACT2000 to ACTPro2011 it is slower but should not be a problem see if you need Premimum version. 

When I upgraded from 2010 Premium to 2011 Prem. I saw a performance loss when doing lookups about 1-2 seconds longer. 

Also slow refereing to my large custom DB (65,000 records) it has grown form 450MB to 700MB in month because ACTDIAG reindex does not shrink DB. 

Running on a Windows-7 64bit PC, with 4GB RAM.

When Taskmanager memory resources show before starting ACT! are at 1.8GB after starting ACT its 2.2GB.

if I run ACT long enought doing lookups, replace / swap fields values, opening other apps like Outlook, Excel or Word and doing Mail merge the used memeory get to 2.9GB and the hard drive is working hard swapping for memory.  So bad I have to close ACT open SQL 2008 R2 Config manager to stop service and restart it, then open ACT again to get performance back.


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Re: ACT! 2011 slow

Jerry, try the demo database. Is that also very slow? If it is instead, fast, which it should be!, then the problem is with your database. I'll give you the next step if you confirm for me that the demo database is quick, but your real db is slow.