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ACT 2011 Pro and Emails I don't want to see!

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ACT 2011 Pro and Emails I don't want to see!

My company tasked me with selecting and maintaining a CRM program. We selected ACT! for its ease of use and low price point. That being said, I think I may have missed the pitch that says I will have access to my bosses emails, which of course, I really don't want to read. I am more worried about him finding out that others in the system can read his emails too. 


HELP! I am the administrator for this, and have given the other users Standard access. The client/contact emails that I do want stored are there, but its the internal emailing among the other ACT users in my office that I don't want the users seeing, or don't want them to look at other user's histories as well. 


Please, give me some step by step advice here. I just want to keep my job!