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ACT 2011 Pro adding user & syncing

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ACT 2011 Pro adding user & syncing

I've been using act for many years and been plodding along with a single copy of 2011 pro (with HF6.0 applied) since it was launched.

Just decide to add another user so bought another licence and applied it.

All great, they can log in to the same DB on my PC.

Then decided to give them a laptop, a copy of the DB and try to sync them up.

I've hit a few snags Smiley Mad

Installed 2011 Pro and and applied the same HF's, opend the demo DB and set them up as a user all fine.

I then copied the DB over to the same location.

All of a sudden they are no longer a registered user and their licence is assigned to me on their laptop

How the heck did that happen!

So whats the best course here?

I'd like to share the whole DB between the two of us and sync over email if possible

(bring back ACT6 it was far simpler!)