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ACT! 2011 Import unclear old cleared activities

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ACT! 2011 Import unclear old cleared activities

Upon opening a new database with imported data, 5000+ alarms pop up with no way to clear them. it locks up ACT.


ACT v13

We are exporting all data from one database into a NEW "empty copy".  Here are the steps I took:

-Created a new "empty copy" database

-Recreated the User Accts exactly how they were in old database inside the new empty copy database. Opened each one to Activate the user acct.

-Imported all data from old database

-Import of 10 yrs of data, attachments and 800 contacts took 7-8 hrs


Upon opening the new database all past activities have been uncleared and set to alarm. I can not clear them because it locks the database. it do get approx 1 min to work with the database before the alarms pop up and lock ACT.


Thanks for any help



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Re: ACT! 2011 Import unclear old cleared activities

You would need to ring Sage, or try an ACC. This isn't something that can be fixed on the forums.
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Re: ACT! 2011 Import unclear old cleared activities

While, not a quick method - here is an alternative to contacting support:


When the alarms pop-up window is presented, close it without clearing any activities.


Then use a manual process to clear multiple activities through the Task List using block commands.  You can select multiple activities by holding the CTRL key and click on individual items, or hold down the Shift key and select a block of activities.  After highlighting the desired activities, right click on the highlighted area and select Clear Multiple Activities. 


Note: I recommend that you begin with small blocks of activities (5 to 10) and check the response time.  The clearing process will freeze the ACT! application until it is complete.  After testing the response time, you may be able to increase the number of items selected.


Noting that you mentioned 5000+ activities, this process will take a good while to complete.


Another step you can take to help clear the activities:

Set the Windows clock to an earlier year, then open ACT!.  The activities scheduled for a date after the time/date on the Windows clock will not be presented.  This may help speed up database response time to allow you to clear earlier activities in a timely fashion.  Once cleared, close ACT! > reset the Windows clock > launch ACT!.


Greg Martin
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Re: ACT! 2011 Import unclear old cleared activities

Thank you for your responses.

I will try to set the date back on the PC. Since stops responding completely, even if i wait for hours for a response.

I will post back with an update.