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ACT 2011 - Group Creation

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ACT 2011 - Group Creation

Hey all, heres my issue:


Running ACT 2011, with users accessing it via Web.  I have about 8 users for a database.  Each user is assigned State's for leads, so one user gets NY, another gets California...


What Ive tried to do in the past is create groups, where each lead has a record manager, and also has a state.  Based on those 2 criteria, I can create a Group for each individual for each state. 


In the end, each group lookup consists of:

Group Name: ewitkows - AL
Group Lookup: Where Record Manager = 'ewitkows' AND Where State='AL'


The problem is, this takes FOREVER to create the groups.  Is there a better way for me to assign leads to an individual based on state.  If not, is there a better way to create massive amounts of groups with Criteria like this?  I have the SA Admin Password to the database, so Im tempted to create the lookups in the database itself, but in the past things like that havent "upgraded" well...

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Re: ACT 2011 - Group Creation

Creating the dynamic groups in hte desktop version on the server may be the way to go.  You can create your most complex query, save it and then reuse and modify it much faster.  I"m not seen any major or recent issues with upgrading or going between ACT for Web or ACT desktop using this method.

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