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ACT 2010 suddenly started crashing

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ACT 2010 suddenly started crashing

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help.  We purchased ACT 2010 in December and have been using it since then without any problems.  All of a sudden it started crashing yesterday and has continued to do so today.  To my knowledge there have been no updates either to the computer or ACT.  It's a single user copy so there should be no problems from other machines.  It happens when I go to another open application, e.g. Adobe Reader or Internet Explorer, and when I try and go back to ACT the window freezes and becomes completely non-responsive.  It doesn't recover however long I leave it so I'm having to end it via the Windows Task Manager which is obviously not ideal.  It doesn't happen every time I navigate away and come back and it doesn't seem to be linked to a specific application.  I need to use the other applications in conjunction with ACT as I'm trying to gather information on potential customers via websites etc. and enter this information onto the ACT database.  I've tried rebooting my computer with no effect.  I'd be extremely grateful for any possible solutions as it's making my work take twice as long as it should - very frustrating!

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Re: ACT 2010 suddenly started crashing

Hello miriambnk,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community. Without knowing the specifics of your system and install, the easiest thing to try first would be to uninstall and resinstall ACT! to see if the cause may be a damaged installation.

Greig Hollister

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