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ACT 2010 sharing a database between two users

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ACT 2010 sharing a database between two users

I recently began using ACT 2010 (not a premium version) as the CRM of choice for my coworker and I, after we had to get rid of Outlook.  We are the only two in the company who need to access this database.  It is currently installed on my work PC (permanently connected to company network servers), and I have imported all of our contacts (500+) and other information.  Now we must install ACT on my coworker's laptop (which they connect to our servers while at work, but also take on business trips).


While installing ACT I noticed it did not let me save my database to our servers, but forced me to create it on my PC's local C drive.


My question is, how will the two of us be able to have access to the same database, making changes that update on both machines?  Will it involve Microsoft SQL Server?


When we used Outlook, everything was based in the servers, so whether we did things from my machine or my coworker's machine, it all had the same affect.  How do I get ACT to act the same way?!?

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Re: ACT 2010 sharing a database between two users

Since you would like your coworker to have access to the database while on the road, you'll need to setup Application Sync.  Your computer will act as the server in this case.


How To Set Up Application Synchronization in ACT!