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ACT 2010 on Mac Snow Leopard - VMWARE

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ACT 2010 on Mac Snow Leopard - VMWARE

I would like to use ACT 2010 on my mac under vmware.  All I want it to do is maintain contacts and notes etc.  I do not want to synch to anything.  


I would like to export to excel and the excel is office for mac 2004.  


Has anybody done this successfully? 

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Re: ACT 2010 on Mac Snow Leopard - VMWARE

Being that you are running Act! in a Windows VM, you should be fine as far as running the program - after all that is one of the purposes of running a VM on a desktop - for compatibility, and VMWare allows you to create an environment that is basically the same as 'being there'.


As far as exporting to Excel - the Mac version - can't imagine that will happen.  Although the two version of Excel may allow for sharing/exchanging a spreadsheet file (you would know better than I), Act! was not programmed to know how to speak to the Mac version of Excel.


Seems that your best bet would be to install Windows excel in your VM, export to that, save the XLS and then do whatever thing you have to do to open a Windows XLS in mac...