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ACT 2010 lookups are slow

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Re: Quantifying the slowness

Ok thanks, got hotfix 4. I must have missed that there was this new hotfix. 


Act has more features than I use as well, but its still my preferred program of its type.  A couple years ago I looked at programs like Maximizer and did a trial but it just didn't have what I like about Act.  So its Act for me, but I might not continue to upgrade every year, it would depend on what the new features are. 

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Re: ACT 2010 lookups are slow

Upgrading to ACT 2010 also caused me to buy a new PC. I'm really glad I did, had the upgrade not slowed my system so much I wouldn't have done it. I hadn't realised just how slow the old one was.


Seems like ACT should be on commission from the PC makers just now.

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Re: ACT 2010 lookups are slow

Disappointing.  One full day of 2 users - Act is freezing up again, even with the Hotfix 4.  When it freezes, even the task manager can't close it.  I have to power down the whole system.  I don't upgrade Act every year, I only do it every 3 years - when Sage stops supporting the version I'm using and they say they can't guarantee the smooth transfer of my data.  I'm running 2 gigs of RAM but maybe it isn't enough.  Great, now a software company is dictating not only when I have to buy my software but when I have to buy my hardware too?? 

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Re: ACT 2010 lookups are slow

What is your hard drive RPM?
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Re: ACT 2010 lookups are slow

2 gig of ram is more than enough.  Something else is going on.  Do you have a lot of uncleared activities?  Do you have a customized layout with a lot of fields - I've seen a graphic get converted strangely and end up very large.  Sounds like you converted from a version a couple of years old - so that probably means a new SQL and maybe even a new .NET.  You have to make sure antivirus programs are taught to not scan ACT folders.  Spyware will do the same thing.  I've seen residue left over from older copies of SQL cause this issue.  We see this happen with another non-ACT product.  Same thing - and what worked was a very agressive cleanup of the machine - not new hardware - the same machine.  That means removing SQL, .NET, all of the above, if it's not being used by any other programs.  Then doing a clean install.  You know, I really hate it when I'm told - reformat your drive to fix this - but in reality that does really fix things in many cases. Painful - makes me break out in hives when we have to do it on my machine.  But effective. It can literally turn an older laptop into almost new.  A lot of programs leave around residue and scraps, not just ACT.  And you have to be careful using any of the registery cleaners because they can be too helpful and really mess up a computer.  However, when that happens, you reformat the drive, and gosh, things run faster.  Not the answer you are looking for I am sure - but something to try before buying new hardware.  I am running the current version on a 3 year old Toshiba with 1 gig of ram.  I am a developer and have a lot of other stuff running as well.  And it's doing ok.  What I don't have is Vista because I want the machine to at least be able to breathe.  If you want to talk slow, we can start down the Vista discussion for a nice change of tone.


Hope these ideas help.  Go into Tools - Database maintenance and remove cleared activities over a few months.  It doesn't get rid of the histories - it just gets rid of the things from the calendar that have been cleared - i.e. have a line thru them.  If you don't need them, get rid of them.  

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Re: Quantifying the slowness

[ Edited ]

Rescheduling an existing activity: 2 minutes 19 seconds


Going to a single record from the alarm window: 9 seconds


Clear activity after scheduling a followup: 1 minute 16 seconds


Cleared an activity: 1 minute 10 seconds (thankfully I started to leave my voicemail message right away ... that took 30 seconds!)


Cleared an activity with details after scheduling a followup: 3 minutes 1 second


You don't really know how long 10 seconds or a minute is until you have to sit through what used to happen almost instantly. I feel like I'm living my life in slow motion. I feel like I'm in the early days of the Internet on a 300 baud modem ... right here on my desktop.


I can't even begin to express how much this slowness has disrupted my day/week. :-(


Just curious, does ACT! still take this long to clear an activity?


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Thank you,
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Re: ACT 2010 lookups are slow

In response to Post 26  Great post, and it is a reasonably faster way to search, albeit still unacceptable compared to earlier versions.  Thanks