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ACT 2010 bugs & finding Network Sync Service

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ACT 2010 bugs & finding Network Sync Service

Hello -

There are two  software bugs that I discovered several years ago. I was promised they would be fixed. Has this happened?

Bug #1 -  In contact list view  under Edit, checking or unchecking Yes/No boxes is not saved.

Bug#2 -   After filling out splash screens to relate two contacts, I used to have a problem viewing the relationships unless I closed the program  and re-opened it.   The information entered was saved.   Now I cannot view any relationships.


I am currently  at Version 12.0.409.0. Hotfix 3. It is a single license installed on a 32 bit Windows 7 computer with professional version  Windows and Office 2007.  


 Will updating to Hotfix 4 and then Sage 2010 Service Pack 1 solve the bug problems,?   And is it worth the update if I do not synchronize my databases?   How  does one find Network Sync Service to turn it off during update?