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ACT 2010 - Webdrive and remote access from desktop & laptop

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ACT 2010 - Webdrive and remote access from desktop & laptop

I own and operate a small brokerage and consulting practice.  My desktop serves as my primary business computer.  I work remotely from my laptop 2 - 4 days per week.  I host all of my work files on a remote webdrive so I can access them on the laptop when I'm working remotely.


I have a single user version of ACT 2010 and the program and database is currently housed on my desktop. I  would like to access my database from my laptop when working remotely and I am looking for the best possible solution.  I also have the software installed on my laptop.


I have done a limited amount of research but I identified the following options:


1) Use a software like GoToMyPC and then sync the database to the laptop.


2) Install the ACT software on the Webdrive and move the database to the webdrive as well.  Question: Would I then need to run the program from the server or would I run ACT from either computer syncing the databases when I do?


I appreciate any comments or recommendations.


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Re: ACT 2010 - Webdrive and remote access from desktop & laptop

Hello 2morerounds,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


If you have a network connection available between the desktop and laptop (when in the office), you can create a 'Remote' database to reside locally on your laptop.  You would work in the Remote database while out of the office, and then synchronize with the main database when connected to the network in the office. 


For instructions on creating a Remote database, visit this link: How to Create a Remote Database

Greg Martin