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ACT 2010 Version 12

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ACT 2010 Version 12

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I am looking for a way to copy my files on this version of ACT to an external source such as a Flash Drive, external hard drive or even a cloud as I have to send my computer away for a check up and they may wipe my hard drive in the process. I just want piece of mind that I have everything backed up as I don't want to lose anything.


I am hoping that after the computer check is done I am going to be able to upgrade to a more recent version of ACT. Can anyone help?

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Re: ACT 2010 Version 12

You are doing the right thing before sending off your computer off for repair.


The easiest way is to use ACT's build-in backup procedure.  It is under File >> Backup >> Database.  Make sure you also backup the personal files as well.  BTW, I would actually make a 2nd backup copy stored in a different location just in case.  As my grandmother used to say, measure twice cut once.  


Personally, I would remove all ACT databases from your computer while it is being repaired.  Feel free to leave the program in tact without the data.  


When the computer is returned, you should be able to restore the database, but if you have problems, you may have to restore it as a new name db.  No data will be lost.


The above is based on the assumption to you are a single user and not working off of a server.  


Regarding upgrading to a more recent version of ACT, a number of questions need to be answered:

  • The most current versions of ACT are on subscription, even if you leave it on your computer.  
  • Next, a description of your business environment and how you are now using ACT.  
  • From what you have learned, what is missing in your version of ACT?
  • Depending on your needs, I do consulting, but you need to be aware that I am not a Certified ACT Consultant - just been doing this since 85 or 86.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.


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Re: ACT 2010 Version 12

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If they wipe your hard drive you will not be able to reinstall ACT V2010 as there is no way to register the software. ACT is only able to register or re-register ACT V18 and newer.



More info here -


 Act! Licensing Software Update – Act! Knowledgebase