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ACT 2010 - Task List Filter Retention

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ACT 2010 - Task List Filter Retention

ACT! 2010 Version 12.0.409.0 Hotfix 2

When I click on Select User from the Task List, then click on Selected User and only select my name, it will retain this information but when I exit ACT and go back in, my filtered information has not been retained as it was in ACT 2007 Version 9.


Is this something that is supposed to happen? Or is there a new place to go and specify a Default User for the Task List?


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Re: ACT 2010 - Task List Filter Retention

I am having the same issue with ACT 12.  I have noticed that after restarting and going to the Task List if I select another choice from the first drop down menu in the Task List (Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, etc.) and then reselect "Today" the list will refresh and work as expected until ACT 12 is restarted. 


I have similar issues with the history and activities not displaying correctly as well.  It is as if the database is not refreshing itself correctly.