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ACT 2010 Sync 4 The Brain Dead Newbie

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ACT 2010 Sync 4 The Brain Dead Newbie

This is more difficult than I expected.  Here's my situation:


Installed ACT 2010 (Version 12.0.409.0 HotFix 4) on my home desk top and set up my two databases.  (I'm simple.  One for my sellers and one for my buyers.)  75% of my work is from my home office.  One or two days a week, I stop by my company office.  There I have another computer that is exclusively mine (stand alone).  I installed the same ACT on this computer, and installed a copy of my two databases from a portable USB drive.


I am the one using both computers, although occasionally the office receptionist will open my machine and leave a call note in an ACT database contact file instead of calling me at home.  On days I work at the office, I'd like to "sync" the changes I make to update my computer at home.  On the days at home, vice versa for the office computer.


Now, I admit, I thought this could be accomplished by email.  That a database could simply be backed up, sent via email attachment, and opened on the other end and "unpacked."  It would seem not.  Can anyone tell me what my options are without spending hundreds of dollars in set up costs with a host.  Do I even need a host?  If so, any suggestions?


Could I just copy a database to a USB drive, and over write the files on the computer I am porting to?  This is beginning to seem very complicated.  As a "one man" office/salesperson, I have to get this resolved.  I need to be dealing with up to date information at either location.  On the other hand, I can't let this get too complicated and too expensive in this economy.


You have my thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Re: ACT 2010 Sync 4 The Brain Dead Newbie

To do synchronization, you need to make a connection between the two machines, either through a LAN of via the internet. Here's a place to start. 

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Re: ACT 2010 Sync 4 The Brain Dead Newbie

To "move" your database, use this procedure:


 How to Move an ACT! by Sage Database