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ACT!2010 SP1 and Hotfix 4 errors. Help!

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ACT!2010 SP1 and Hotfix 4 errors. Help!

I've been using ACT!2009 for a while and decided to move to ACT!2010 as I need to set up a multi suers system now and ACT 2009 licences are no longer available (I know, 2011 is available, but the 2010 licences are available still at lower cost).

I installed my copy of ACT2010 US version on another PC to check it out before I replace the ACT2009 on my work laptop. The version comes up as, Hot Fix 1. I read that there were some issues with the original ACT!2010 and saw that there is both a Service Pack1 and Hotfix 4 available for ACT2010, so I have tried to install these but none of these downloadable files seems to work.

I have the US version and have downloaded the US files.

When I run the SP1 plus HF1 update, instead of installing the update, the installer only gives me the option of uninstalling ACT. If I run either the Hotfix 4, or the SP1 Hotfix 4 (I know the latter shouldn't work, bu hey, anything is worth a try), I get a message saying that the Hotfix does not apply to the installed version of ACT.

What is going on?

I should say that I am running the software currently in demo mode (ie unregistered) as I do not want to register the software for the trial system, but only when I am sure it works properly on my laptop. Is this the problem?