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ACT! 2010 Report Help!

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ACT! 2010 Report Help!

I desperately need to create a report.  I've tried everything from creating from scratch to editing an existing template.  I'm pretty sure my issue is that I possibly need to create subreports but I'm not familiar enough with them to do so quickly. 


The report I need is a list of ALL contacts assigned to each sales rep/group and in that report I need to see the last time anything happend with that contact.  The issue that I am running into is that I can't find ONE field that will give me what I need.  I've tried running a report with last reach, last attempt, etc. and yet if there was an activity that was created post the last reach or last attempt, it will not show up.


What I need is a report that will show the latter of any activity/history on any contact.


Company         Contact          City         State        Last Contact


It's the 'last contact' field that I'm having issues with.  If a customer has a history logged on 03/15/2010 and an activity 04/21/2011.  I need to see 04/21/2011 as the last contact.  If a contact has  various dates with history and various activities logged, I need the latest contact of all of those fields to pull into the 'last contact' field and if no contact at all, I need the last contact to remain blank.


Anyone have any suggestions for a girl in need???   Thank you in advance!

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Re: ACT! 2010 Report Help!

I'll be very blunt, hire someone to create the template for you. To do what you want requires sub-reports and very advanced Visual Basic program scripts. At one time I would have said it would be impossible with the ACT! reports but I actually figured out the programming.


There is a third party book with comprehensive training information on the ACT! reports, here is the link.

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