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Hi All! I am really hoping I can get someone to help me out with a few questions.


1. Is it possible to somehow select all contacts or sort through contacts and merge to make mailing labels? How?


2. Is it possible merge Birthday Information for all contacts or selected contacts and sort into a monthly list?


3. Is there an easier way to create groups instead of individually selecting each contact to be apart of the group? A way sort and add?


Please help!

Thank You!


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  Welcome to the Act! Community Forum!

  The short answer to all three of your questions, is Yes!


  1. To select all contacts in Act! click the Lookup menu, and select 'All Contacts'.  To make mailing labels click File>Print, Select your label, and then you can preview/print your mailing labels under the 'Labels' icon.  You will get three options


  • Current Contact: which is the contact you were just looking at
  • Current Lookup: The contacts you have in your lookup
  • All Contacts: All contacts in your database

A Lookup is a search created on specific criteria.  It can be as simple as "Has a name that starts with J" or as complex as only showing contacts you've not spoken to in over a month who don't have an email address and live in New York.  Lookups are the power that drive many functions in Act!, even for your next two questions.


For more information on lookups, check this out:



  2. You can do a lookup with the followin Critera - Click Lookup>Advanced>Advanced Query.

  • Set the Field name to Birth Date
  • Set the Operator to Month Equals [number]
  • Type the number of the month you want to pull up.


  3. To answer your third question, we will use the Lookup similar to what I just showed you to create a group that automatically puts people into the appropriate spot.  This is known as Dynamic Group Membership.  Members get added or removed based off of criteria that you select.  This is helpful if a client starts as a prospect.  You could have a prospect group that shows all prospects, almost like a queue.  Once that prospect becomes a client, they will no longer be a part of the prospect group, and will be added to the client group.


In this case we're making a group called Birthdays - and subgroups for each month.


Go to your groups section and make a new Group for Birthdays.  Right click Birhdays and click 'New Subgroup', Let's name this 01 January.  I only suggest putting the '01' in front of it to make sure that it properly sorts on lists alphabetically.


Click to add contacts to that group.  Instead of clicking the 'Contacts' button, click 'Edit Criteria'.  Follow the steps that I outlined earlier (for your second question).


Repeat the process to create a subgroup under Birthdays for each month, and adjust each criteria for that month.


You will notice that new contacts that are added will go into these groups dynamically.  For more information on Dynamic group memberships, please view this article:

You will find information regarding the group criteria about halfway down under the heading: Creating Group Membership Criteria

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Thank you soo much for your help!


next question:

1. Is there a way to export just emails from a group so I can merge into mailchimp to send email reminders?