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ACT 2010 + Office 2002 on XP pro problem.

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ACT 2010 + Office 2002 on XP pro problem.

A little history :

ACT 2006 was installed on our Server, 5 other PC's on WINXP worked perfectly.


After upgrading from ACT 6 to ACT 2010 and succesfully integrate the old database on the server and Apply the hotfix 4 , we can login 1x in ACT 2010, after reboot Act wont start anymore :ACT Error


Now allso WORD 2002 wont start, my from WORD 2002 is deleted , ... 


Whats best to do?

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Re: ACT 2010 + Office 2002 on XP pro problem.

Keep in mind that Office 2002 should have Service Pack 3 installed, as per Sage sys requirements for Act! 2010.


I don't seem to come up with any errors similar to what you posted.


When you are able to log in the one successful time, perhaps try switching to the demo database and see if that changes the results.  Will help to see if it is an issue with the converted/imported database you created or with the Act! install itself...


You also don't mention if you are only seeing this on one PC or all of them...?

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Re: ACT 2010 + Office 2002 on XP pro problem.

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Ok i've found out that the problem is PC based , after reinstalling winXp, office, Act 2010, ...  all the features work.


Now here is the problem.

When i add shortcuts to the Contacts header and company header i sometimes get errors that ask you to restart ACT 2010.

After 2 errors and 2 restarts of the act it gives the error specified above.


So now all that leaves me is to reinstall everything again and NOT customize the headers??

is this a kown issue??


Is there a way to reset the headers to default without starting act because the act software wont start anymore.


**btw with header i mean the shortcuts specified below


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