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ACT! 2010 Installation and Relationship Tab

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ACT! 2010 Installation and Relationship Tab

I have used ACT! 2010 since last year, and many prior versions.  I recently installed ACT! 2010 on a new laptop with Windows 7.  Everything works fine except for two things.  First, the Relationships tab.  When I open it to add a new relationship, only the top part of the window appears, i.e. the OK and Cancel buttons do not appear.  Also, I am unable to expand the window by dragging the borders.


The second problem is that the Company Field on Contacts does not show the little tab to the right that allows you to link a contact to a company.  I can click the Contacts tab at the top of the page, then click on Link to Company.  Sometimes this will work and sometimes it will not.


I figure that the installation is probably corrupted.  If I need to reinstall, what is the procedure?  Do I need an ACT! removal tool?



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Re: ACT! 2010 Installation and Relationship Tab

Hello DavidLG,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


Your issue may be the monitor's DPI settings - Act! works with the defaul setting of 96dpi ('small' on Windows 7).  Here is an article that explains the steps for checking the DPI setting: KB Article 21042


Note: Close Act! before making a change to the DPI. 

Greg Martin