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ACT 2010 - History Summary Classic

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ACT 2010 - History Summary Classic

I am using one report on a weekly base


The history Summary Classic

This is the closest to what i need, however, a few tweaks that i could use some help:



Would like to track in that same format:


Those already there:

  • Calls Attempted
  • Calls Completed
  • Letters Sent


Would like to add for this SAME report;

  • Left Messages
  • Emails Sent


Do NOT need: Meetings held

(i work remotely)



No support for 2010 any longer and i do not need all the other reports yet to upgrade.  Working that way for future.



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Re: ACT 2010 - History Summary Classic

The History Summary Classic report has a very complex structure including extensive embedded Visual Basic Script programming. Changing the history types tracked is fairly easy but adding an additional tracked item would be fairly difficult. I have a rewritten version of the report with 5-columns. I've attached a PDF of the report. If you're interested in discussing further, send a private message or contact me off-line.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: ACT 2010 - History Summary Classic

That is exactly what i need only instead of Meetings Held, I would like that to be Emails sent.


i will send you a message to see what you can do to help.

Thank you!  Smiley Happy