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ACT! 2009 vs. Outlook 2007

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ACT! 2009 vs. Outlook 2007

I've had ACT! for about a week and I'm having a hard time understanding its value. Can anyone tell me some key examples of what ACT! does that Outlook doesn't do? For instance:


I am working with John who is the real estate director for a retailer who is interested in opening new stores in fifteen markets. In each market, they want to open two locations and are choosing between seven different sites, requiring communication (phone, email, and in person) between one or two brokers for each of the seven sites. Emails often contain attachments such as brochures, site plans, and proposals. The basic information needed for each site includes available square footage, price per square foot, additional charges,  and co-tenants (to name a few).


If someone has any helpful hints, please send them my way!