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ACT 2009 v11 Falied to Attached History when using Act Word Processor for over 900 letters

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ACT 2009 v11 Falied to Attached History when using Act Word Processor for over 900 letters

I have another issue, well, several actually, which have just come to light.


We are currently doing a large mail shot to existing clients (approx 930 of them) using the ACT Word Processor.  We prefer this over Word 2003 as its easier to edit the templates.  Having done the template letter, we tred to do it via the Mail Merge option but for some reason it distorted the Address fields and moved the second line  to the end of the first line.


So I used a little work around by creating a lookup of all the clients we wanted to write too, tagged them all, then when to the write letter option and selected other documents.  It generated the letters ok without a hitch.  we then wanted to print off in batches, so printed the selected pages, say 1-50 and then selected record history and attach document.  This caused ACT to process this for up to 55 minutes before we got sick of it and closed it via task manager!  55 minutes is excessive for 50 letters.  Maybe it was trying to attach all 930 letters even though we only printed letters 1-50.  So we narrowed the look up down and generated 50 letters and this attached and recorded history within 2 minutes.  not bad, but not quick enough really.


In the end we just printed the letters off without recording the history or attaching the document as it was taking far too long.  I then went back and generated all the letters and printed to a PDF file so it brough up the option to record history.  I then ticked the attach document box and left it to run overnight.  lo and behold I come back in this morning and I have 930 "cannot attach history" error messages and have to click each and everyone of them until I can get back into ACT.


This is just not acceptable!!  considering ACT is supposed to be one of the best CRM packages around, how the hell does it not deal with 930 letters correctly, or even get the mail merge option to work properly?


I expect things to take longer than normal as our network is only 10/100 and not 1gb as recommended, but this should not cause it to fail.  the PC is up to spec if not more so this shouldnt be an issue. We currently have 3 users of ACT all with good spec and have only just started using it to see if it works for us.


As we see it, these problems are putting us off ACT and will cost Sage around a few grand in licence fees because we want to upgrade to 15 users and onto the premium version. 


I would like to hear from other who have a similar problem or have got a solution?


Many thanks.