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ACT 2009 freezing

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ACT 2009 freezing

Act forum,


I recently upgraded to the latest version of ACT 2009 ( ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0) Version  My OS is XP and all has been working well until this latest version upgrade. ACT now freezes if not used for several hours. I need to ctrl/alt/delete to close the program and when I start it back up, I receive the following error, " Database could not be accessed. In order to access, check network connection and verify database server is available. It may be necessary to disable firewall software."


My Microsoft firewall is already disabled.  I then disable McAfee's firewall and it does not correct the issue.  I then tried attempted anotherposted solution using the "run" command and received the message, " Could not connect to the SQL Server Instance".


I then reboot my PC and ACT starts fine.  Can someone tell me why ACT 2009 is freezing and why I need to reboot everytime I want to use ACT after it's been sitting dormant for a few hours?!


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Re: ACT 2009 freezing

If sounds like the SQL service is being stopped. You can verify by going to Start and select Run.  Type in services.msc and click Ok.  Find SQL Server (ACT7) and check the status column to see if its listed as started.  Of course you will only be able to check this next time it happens.


Do you have automatic Windows updates enabled?  If you do, check to see if you have Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 Service Pack 3 pending to install.  If you do, follow the KB article below to install the update.


If you don't have the update pending, check your antivirus, spyware, etc.. to see if its scanning and possibly stopping the server .  You can try disabling or excluding for a day to see if security software is causing the issue.


How To Apply the Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 Service Pack 3