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ACT! 2009 and MS Word

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ACT! 2009 and MS Word



I was running a demo version of ACT! 2009 on my laptop, from the second i installed ACT! i started having the following problems with MS Word


  • Could not use mouse to position cursor or highlight
  • I could open word once but then if i try to open any other word documents the application would not open


If I close all word applications then run task manager the list of processes still shows WINWORD.EXE running, if i end this process the above problems resolve themselves until i open a word document and it starts all over again.


This propblem occurs if ACT! is open or closed


As soon as I un-install ACT! the problems do not happen.


I now have the full version of ACT! on CD and ready to load on 6 laptops at work, but I dont want to install it if the above problems occur,


Does anyone know why these problems happen





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Re: ACT! 2009 and MS Word

This problem is solved by editing a registry entry


Brad Marquardt
realtimeACT, Inc
Colorado, USA
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Re: ACT! 2009 and MS Word

This is a fix for Vista and MS word 2007 and does not apply to my set-up which is XP and Word 2003


Anymore ideas?