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ACT 2009 Installation

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ACT 2009 Installation

I am trying to install ACT 2009 STD on 3 different laptops.  I was thinking that I would have a database on each machine and a single shared remote database on the server.  First, is this the best appraoch to setting up the application so we call all share the same information?  We are in the office the majority of the time but need access to customer information if we are on the road. 


Second, how do I make the connection on mutliple machines to the remote database.  I found an artical in the knowledge base that talks about installing the ACT Syncronization Service.  When I look for it on the disk I can not find the application.   

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Re: ACT 2009 Installation

If you want the users to have access to the database while on the road, you will need to create remote databases for the users and when they return to the office they can sync to the server to transfer the changes.  This is a two way syncrhonization.  While they're in the office, they users can access the shared database on the server to avoid having to sync to see the changes.


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